Recruitment Fraud Alert

Recruitment fraud is an attempt to deceive a job seeker into handing over money or personal information after promising a fictitious job.

Scammers pretend to be employed by large, trusted companies, offer candidates a fake job, then ask for personal information or money. They may say they need this to set up direct deposit of paychecks, for you to buy equipment or training, or for travel expenses or visa fees.

How to identify recruitment fraud:

  • Emails are often sent from free email accounts such as,,, etc. For employment related matters, if the email address doesn’t end with,, or, it most likely is not legitimate. If you are engaging with a recruitment agency you have doubts is affiliated with Avis Budget Group, contact talent.[email protected] to verify partnership.
  • Messages appear to be sent from a senior employee of the company, such as the CEO, or generically from ‘Legal’ or ‘Human Resources.’
  • Money is often requested from you—ABG or any of our partners will never ask you for money at any point of the recruitment or onboarding process.
  • Communications usually have spelling and grammar errors, pixelated logos, or bad formatting.
  • There is an insistence on urgency—scammers try to make you act quickly to prevent you from taking the time to think that this is a bad idea.
  • They make early requests for personal information—although you will eventually be asked for information to establish employment, being asked for your passport details, bank information, address, and date of birth before you’ve interviewed should raise suspicion.
  • Perpetrators may request an online interview via Google Hangouts. Avis Budget Group does not use this software so this is most likely not legitimate.

 What you should do:

  • Discontinue conversation with the senders
  • Do not provide any personal information until you have verified you are engaging with a legitimate source
  • Never cash any checks sent to you—it is common for scammers to send you money then request a refund from you, stealing information in the process
  • If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, contact local authorities immediately
  • Visit to explore our legitimate job opportunities

We wish you luck in your job search and hope to see your job application soon!